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ASK_TASKTASK is Knowsley’s Trader Scheme for older people and vulnerable residents .

It’s a directory of local traders who have been vetted.

First established in July 2003 by KPAIS the aim of TASK is to reduce the number of rogue traders preying on older and vulnerable people in Knowsley and to give local residents more confidence and assurance when using traders.

How does TASK service work?

1. We make a note of your contact details and the work or service you are requesting trader details for.

2. We search our database of local suppliers and give you 3 names and contact details of appropriate traders – this is to ensure the choice of trader is yours.

3. After the work is complete we ask you to fill out a feedback form to report back on the chosen trader you have used.

This safe, innovative approach ensures that local TASK traders are regularly monitored by residents that use their services.

If you are eligible to use this free service contact TASK on 0151 546 6680.