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Connecting in Lockdown

Students and staff at Carmel College in St Helens have been keeping busy during lockdown by connecting with older and vulnerable residents across Knowsley through KPAIS. Work Experience Coordinator Vikki Moran has supported students from a range of courses at the college to create and share some fantastic letters, photographs and artwork with KPAIS, in the hope they will brighten up someone’s day and make them smile.

Students recognised that older and vulnerable people may be more likely to experience social isolation during this period where people are limited in their ability to go out or have visitors to their homes. We have received lots of letters, paintings, drawings, photographs, poems and songs from students who wanted to share with residents in Knowsley what they’ve been getting up to during lockdown. One student named Will sent a letter along with lyrics of the song ‘Sunshine on my Shoulders’ which is a song he likes to enjoy when spending time with his grandparents. Another student named Steph rescued a cat and it’s kittens which she cared for and took to a cats home so that they can be looked after and adopted. Students are excited for residents to receive the work they have sent and would be delighted to receive replies to their letters and poems.

Here at KPAIS, we know that this is a difficult time for young people as well as our older population. We are extremely grateful to the thoughtful students and staff at Carmel College for offering this connection to the people we support and we will be providing a booklet which features all of the students work to our customers and clients. Students and staff also wished for us to share this work here which we are happy to provide below.

A huge thank you to Carmel College for your compassion during a challenging time and for working with KPAIS to help to brighten up someone’s day.

(published May/June 2020)

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