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Independent Advocacy

KPAIS can help you understand your rights as a person and help you to get services you need with our free, independent advocacy services for older people in Knowsley.

Our independent advocacy service is a supportive approach – speak to us in confidence – we want to empower you to be in control of your issue or concern.

KPAIS advocacy services enable you to say what you want, get what you are entitled to and access to the services that you need.

Our charity believes that you, as an older person are entitled to be in control of your life but sometimes through circumstance, illness, disability frailty or bereavement you may find yourself less able to make choices or say what you want or need.

In these situations a KPAIS independent advocate can help you to make sure that your views are heard, respected and acted upon.

You may want to use a KPAIS advocate if you find it difficult to communicate, feel confused or powerless and we will connect with agencies, local organisations and services on your behalf or help you to speak up for yourself.

Advocacy – just another word for advice?

Advocacy is not advice and our KPAIS independent advocates will never give you advice.

KPAIS independent advocacy service is a supportive approach which enables you to be in control of your issue, express your wishes & concerns and stay in control of your life.

KPAIS Advocacy is:

•    Independent of services and organisations
•    Person centred – we express the wishes of you the client, not our own
•    Confidential
•    Aims to deliver positive outcomes for you
•    Free
•    Empowering
•    Valuing
•    Confidence building
•    A process that enables you to express your wishes and opinions
•    Flexible about the time shared with you
•    Enables you to make choices and take control of your life

Advocacy is not

  • Always the answer!
  • A replacement for a service which is lacking
  • A way of coercing someone into making decisions
  • Counselling
  • A rubber stamp or seal of approval to a decision already made
  • An extra pair of hands to help with work
  • A carrier of messages between agencies
  • A replacement for absent family and or friends
  • A befriending service
  • A way of coercing someone into making decisions
  • Mediation
  • Advice giving
  • A last resort when all else fails
  • Someone who will go away when asked to by the system
  • Crisis or emotional support

If you would like to speak to our friendly team about our free advocacy support for older people, refer yourself or somebody else call KPAIS on 0151 449 3706 or email