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Exercise is good for you

older poeple olympicsElderly people who exercise ‘live five years longer’ according to a recent study.

Regular physical activity, whatever your age, is beneficial for your heart health and ultimately can help you live longer. Exercise for older people has a powerful effect on life expectancy  – the same in fact – as if you have give up smoking.

With official advice in the UK recommending 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week in the over-65s. There’s lots of activities you can get involved with in Knowsley.

Why not take part in one of Older People’s Fun Olympics training sessions, you can get active and get involved for a small charge of £1 per weekly session.

They meet weekly at 2 local Knowsley venues:

Wednesday’s: 1 – 4pm Kirkby Leisure Centre, Cherryfield Drive L32 8SA

Thursday’s: 1 -3pm Huyton Leisure & Cultural Park, Longview Drive L36 6EG

For more information contact Geoff Lyon on 0151 430 7710 or email