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We help make a BIG difference

Making-A-Difference-BannerWe’ve been making a real difference in older people’s lives across Knowsley who are affected by cancer.

As part of our COPA service we’ve helped many Knowsley residents over the past few months to resolve issues, big and small that are cancer related or not – which have made a big and lasting difference.

Did you know if you are affected by cancer our local charity KPAIS can provide you with independent one to one support, help and advocacy if you are a Knowsley resident over 50.

Our team have been extremely busy helping residents with lots of  issues and difficulties including treatment and care, social, financial and employment concerns.

Call Val McGregor on 0151 449 3706 for confidential and impartial support to help you.

A trusted Knowsley directory of local tradespeople

ASK_TASKTASK is Knowsley’s very own Trader Approved Scheme for older people and vulnerable residents in Knowsley.

It’s a unique directory of local trades people who have been vetted through the Office of Fair Trading by KMBC’s Trading Standards Department – designed to give residents in Knowsley more confidence & peace of mind.

TASK has helped hundreds of Knowsley residents over many years access trusted and affordable trades people and helps reduce numbers of elderly & vulnerable people falling prey to bogus and rogue traders.

From electricians, plumbers, painters & decorators, locksmiths, gardeners….TASK gives you peace of mind.

To access this FREE TASK service delivered by our local charity KPAIS call 0151 546 6680.

Read to Relax

Read to relax Stockbridge Village Library holds a friendly and informal monthly reading group called Read to Relax.

Did you know that just six minutes of reading can reduce stress levels by two-thirds?

Give Read to Relax a try on Wednesday 4 February from 10.30 – 11.30am.

Research has shown that reading is the best way to relax and works better and faster than listening to music, going for a walk or settling down with a cup of tea.

Looking further ahead, future Read to Relax group meetings will take place March 4 & April 1 2015, from 10.30 – 11.30am – all welcome!

For more information call Stockbridge Village Library on 0151 443 2501.

Knowsley Warm Homes Scheme

If you live in Knowsley you may be able to benefit from free boiler and heating repairs and in certain cases new boiler installations. Knowsley Council’s Strategic Housing team, have allocated funding to help vulnerable residents as part of their campaign to stay warm and healthy over the winter period.

To be eligible for assistance residents must be a home owner, aged 60 and over or the parent/guardian of a child under 5, either in receipt of eligible benefits or on a low income.

The Council want to make sure households have modern, energy-efficient boilers and central heating systems to keep residents warm, stay  healthy as well as reducing your heating bills.

In addition to the Warm Homes Scheme, the Council and its partners are helping to give practical advice to residents to help them keep warm and healthy as part of their ‘Be Prepared For Winter’ campaign.  Advice includes wearing many thin layers, drinking hot drinks throughout the day, try and move around at least once an hour to warm your body up, set your heating to 21oC in the living room and ensure you are up-to-date with your flu jabs.

To find out more about the scheme you can call the Council’s Energy Officer, Simon Rugen, on 0151 443 5817.

Keep Up to Date with COPA

opaalcopa_org_uk-blog_KPAISWe launched our Cancer, Older People and Advocacy (COPA) service in Knowsley at the beginning of this month and we know it’s going to make a real difference to residents who are struggling with the effects of cancer.

Did you know our Knowsley COPA service is one of  just 10 delivery partners across England and Wales and the KPAIS team are delighted to be in great company!

Our nation-wide partners include Beth Johnson Foundation in Staffordshire; Dorset Advocacy and Help & Care in Dorset and Sefton Pensioners’ Advocacy Centre in Sefton. New partners will begin delivering COPA services during 2014: AgeUK Bristol; Knowsley Pensioners Advocacy Information Service (KPAIS); Oxfordshire Advocacy; Independent Community Advocacy Network North (ICANN) in Lancashire; Sandwell Advocacy;  and Age Connects Cardiff.

The Older People’s Advocacy Alliance are the lead organisation for COPA, funded by Macmillan and the Big Lottery Silver Dreams fund.

You can learn more about the cancer, older people and advocacy project, our partner updates as well as our own updates by following news and stories at the COPA blog by clicking here

KPAIS and Partnerships

opaallogo_KPAISAs an independent older people’s charity in Knowsley we are proud to be part of  Older People’s Advocacy Alliance (OPAAL).

OPAAL is the only national UK membership based organisation supporting, promoting and developing the provision of independent advocacy services for older people.

“Advocacy supports and enables people who have difficulty representing their interests, to exercise their rights, express their views, explore and make informed choices.

Independent Advocacy supports the person regardless of the demands and concerns of others. It challenges the causes and effects of injustice, oppression and abuse and upholds human rights”. (OPAAL National Forum 2008)

If you want to find out more about our independent advocacy services for older people in Knowsley contact us on 0151 449 3706/0151 546 3088 or email

Independent Healthwatch Advocacy in Knowsley

Do you have a complaint about the care and/or treatment you have received from the NHS?

Independent Healthwatch Advocacy ruth in Knowsley can help you. It provides a free, confidential and independent service – helping you understand your rights and make informed choices.

Working together with Healthwatch Knowsley, the Independent Healthwatch Advocacy is here to help you improve your local NHS services in Knowsley.

To arrange an appointment contact Healthwatch Advocate Ruth McNeilly on 0151 449 3954.

Ruth also runs a drop in session every Tuesday 10am – 3pm at The Old School House, St Johns Road, Huyton, L36 OUX.


The A Team for Advocacy

A Team_KPAISOur independent Knowsley pensioners advocacy services enable you to say what you want. Get what you are entitled to and access to the services that you need.

Our grassroots charity believe that you – as an older person are entitled to be in control of your life but we know, sometimes through circumstance, whether that be  illness, disability, frailty or bereavement you may find yourself less able to make choices or say what you want or need.

In these situations the KPAIS team of independent advocates can help you to make sure that your views are heard, respected and acted upon.

You may want to use a KPAIS advocate if you find it difficult to communicate, feel confused or powerless and we will connect with agencies, local organisations and services on your behalf or help you to speak up for yourself.

Get in touch with our advocacy team and see how we can help you call us today on 0151 449 3706 or email:

New Pension Scheme Measures Announced

Tough new measures announced by Pensions Minister Steve Webb today will ensure pension schemes deliver value for money for savers.

They will end rip-off charges and ban hidden costs, helping people build up the best retirement income possible from their savings.

From April 2015 a 0.75% cap on charges will be introduced for the default funds of all qualifying schemes.

Over the next 10 years, the government estimates that an extra £195 million of pension contributions will turn into pension savings, as part of a fairer society, rather than being swallowed up by unnecessary costs and charges.

An individual earning £20,000 would save around £35,500 over their lifetime if they saved in a scheme with a 0.75% charge compared to a 1% charge.

Read more here

Thumbs Up For TASK

hand of business group with thumbs upHundreds of residents from across Knowsley have used and reviewed our TASK service  – it’s a huge thumbs up.

TASK is a Trader Approved Scheme for older people and vulnerable residents in Knowsley.

Our aim is to reduce the number of rogue traders preying on older and vulnerable members within our community and to give residents more confidence & piece of mind when using TASK approved local traders.

Here’s what some of our residents have to say about our innovative and safe TASK service:

“Having a trader recommended by TASK gives me more confidence that they can be trusted”

“What a difference you have made, thank you so very much”

“Confidence in knowing he came with your recommendation”

“An excellent scheme”

If you are eligible to use this service contact TASK on 0151 546 6680