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Welcome to our website!

Knowsley Pensioners Advocacy & Information Service (KPAIS) provide FREE advocacy and support to enable older people in Knowsley to obtain their full rights as citizens, so enhancing their quality of life.

We are a local independent charity for older people based in Knowsley. We believe “knowledge is power”.

We want older people across Knowsley to take control of their own lives and our KPAIS team will help find what you need to make informed decisions and choices.

Our aim at KPAIS is to ensure that YOU are receiving the best possible advice & information through our free older people’s services and support.

KPAIS will also help you to find out where the right advice & information can be found.

Find out more about our free & independent services for older people in Knowsley. Simply call KPAIS on 0151 449 3706 or email:

Take a look at our KPAIS News and Updates page to find out what services, support and activities are available locally for older people in Knowsley.

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